Featured Speakers

Walter Bond

Like you, Walter Bond knows what it’s like to be discounted by everyone around, to run up against challenges that feel insurmountable, and to have moments when the challenges were winning. But then Walter recognized a single truth that changed everything: Peak performers have no excuses for failure, only reasons for success.

After several stellar high-school seasons, Walter earned a scholarship on the University of Minnesota basketball team. As an average college player who was overlooked by the NBA, Walter tapped into a peak performance mindset, changed his work ethic, and found himself a professional NBA basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks.

Now retired from the NBA, Walter Bond shares stories, lessons, and the kind of motivation that sparks superstars to success, moves middle players into action, and excites your attendees to come back for more.

When Walter is on the platform, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to take the proven path away from the pack and into the peak performer spotlight.

Make your goals a reality. Motivate your team with powerful content from a power speaker: Walter Bond.

Debra Fine

Bestselling author, keynote speaker and trainer Fine began her career as an engineer, an occupation that allowed her to maintain her natural shyness and avoid situations that required social and personal interactions. Now a long time member of the National Speakers Association, she presents and trains audiences across the globe.
Fine designs her presentations and researches her books to teach technically oriented professionals conversation skills and business networking techniques that help in developing business relationships, gaining visibility and building rapport in the workplace. Debra’s newly released The Fine Art of the Big Talk: How to Win Clients, Deliver Great Presentations, and Solve Conflicts at Work (Hyperion) is her second in the “Fine Art” series following her best selling book The Fine Art of Small Talk: How to Start a Conversation, Keep It Going, Build Networking Skills—and Leave a Positive Impression. Her books have been translated and published in over 2 dozen countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

Steve Gilliland

A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Steve Gilliland is one of the most in-demand and top-rated speakers in the world. Recognized as a master storyteller and brilliant comedian, he can be heard daily on SiriusXM Radio’s Laugh USA and Blue Collar Radio. With an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation—plus an interactive and entertaining style—Steve shows audiences how to open doors to success in their careers, their relationships and their lives. Presenting to over 250,000 people a year, more than two million have now heard him speak, with audiences encompassing nearly three dozen industries. Steve has the distinction of speaking in all 50 states and in 15 countries. As one newspaper stated, “Steve is what happens when the humor of a stand-up comic collides with the inspiration of a motivational speaker.”

Billy Riggs
Billy Riggs

Billy Riggs brings a combination of skills to the platform that may be unrivalled in the speaking industry. This riveting orator, first-class magician and naturally-hilarious man combines eye-popping content, practical takeaways, gripping stories, baffling illusions and uproarious comedy that regularly evokes the comment, “The best presenter in the history of our convention!” His quick hands and quicker wit, combined with his complete mastery of the stage will draw gasps, laughter and aha moments from any audience. Attendees are alternately thrown into paroxysms of laughter and moved to tears on a roller-coaster ride they won’t soon forget. Through television, radio, books, videos,  and live keynote speeches Billy has used an unusual blend of comedy, music, magic, training, and motivation to spread his positive attitude to more than a million people on five continents. A spellbinding speaker, Mr. Riggs was presenting to audiences as large as 15,000 people by the age of 22.  Audiences find themselves stirred by his sincerity and power on the platform. In 2002, Mr. Riggs was presented the highest earned award of the National Speakers Association: the Certified Speaking Professional.  Since 1995, he has breathed magic into people, companies and organizations. Allow the world’s only DIS-illusionist to expose and eliminate the mental barriers (“Grand Illusions”) that form self-imposed barriers to success. Using world-class magical illusions to drive home his points, Billy’s presentations have transformed hundreds of otherwise ordinary conferences into something truly special.

Brian Biro

Brian Biro is America’s Breakthrough Coach!  He is one of the nation’s foremost speakers and teachers of Leadership, Possibility Thinking, Thriving on Change, and Team-Building.  He has delivered over 1,300 presentations around the world over the last 21 years.  A major client described Brian best when he said, “Brian Biro has the energy of a ten-year-old, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old, and the wisdom of a seventy-five-year-old.”  A former vice-president of a major transportation corporation and the author of 9 books including bestseller, Beyond Success!, Brian was rated #1 from over 40 Speakers at 4 consecutive INC. Magazine International Conferences.  With degrees from Stanford University and UCLA, Brian has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN’s Business Unusual, and the Fox News Network and as a featured speaker at the Disney Institute in Orlando.   Brian was recently named one of the top 100 most inspirational graduates of the UCLA Graduate School of Business in honor of their 75th Anniversary.

Kelly Swanson

Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, author (Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale, The Land of If Only, The Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, You. Your Story. Make An Impact.), storytelling coach, and creator of Prides Hollow and the wacky cast of southern characters who have charmed audiences from coast to coast for over 20 years. Her work has been featured in extensive online and print publications, and has won awards from the Film Advisory Board of Hollywood and the National Association of Parenting Publications. She was a featured entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines, and Our State Magazine calls her one of North Carolina’s funniest women. She speaks in over 70 venues a year, leaving a trail of happy customers and fans.

With wacky wit, powerful stories, compelling content, and a message you can take back and use on Monday, Kelly creates unforgettable, hilarious, and inspiring motivational keynote programs that help you master the art of connection and engagement through the power of story. It starts with mastering the story line running through your head to have more peace, productivity, and prosperity – and works its way out to mastering your words and your story to connect and engage with your listener, employee, customer, buyer, market, and world.

Not only does Kelly have the ability to craft a master performance for the stage, she has the ability to teach you how she does it, to help you tell your story and raise your level of influence by forming a deeper connection with your listener. Whether you sit in her audience and laugh yourself silly while you’re transported to her tiny town of Prides Hollow, attend one of her Story Crafting Camps, or take her online Story Training, you will quickly see that she is one of a kind.

Change your story, and you can change your direction. Change your story and you can change your life. Change your story and you can change your business. Change your story and you can change your world.

Jeff Slutsky

Give Your Success A Shot In The Arm With Jeff Slutsky’s Influence Booster

Jeff Slutsky’s new, maximum strength motivational speech, is infused with all-natural street-savvy ideas and hilarious anecdotes that empowers your people to succeed during these hyper stressful times. Let Slutsky immunize your attendees from results-deficiency and anemic performance. While laughter may be the best medicine, today’s environment demands that humor be enhanced with equal parts: content, audience interaction and practical, proven ideas for those who suffer from mild to moderate apathy. That’s why the new and improved, Influence Booster keynote speech, is now available without a prescription and ready to be administered at your meeting or convention. Ask your meeting planner if Slutsky’s Influence Booster is right for you. Use only as directed.